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DK8Win - Unlimited Daily 8%.
  1. This Bonus is available for all sorts of games, including Slot Machines, Live Games, SportsBook, and Fishing Games.
  2. Enjoy 8% Bonus up to RM688 as many times as you want!
  3. There is no limit to how many times this bonus can be claimed.
  4. Minimum deposit of RM30 is required to claim Bonus.
  5. This bonus is subject to WinOver requirement x3 (deposit+bonus amount) before withdrawal can be made.
  6. For players that deposit RM100 to claim this Bonus, see the example below.
    Deposit RM100 + 8% Bonus = RM108
    WinOver Calculation: RM108 x 3
    WinOver = RM324

    Minimum cashout is RM324. This means that players must PLAY and WIN until their credit balance reaches RM324 before they can withdraw or cash out. This applies to all sorts of gaming, including Slot Machines, Live Games, Sports Betting, and Fishing.
  7. The WinOver requirement does not apply to any drawn or tie pay. Only wagers that result in a win or loss will count toward the WinOver requirement.
  8. When a player bets more than 18 numbers on roulette at the same time, or (Black Small / Red Big), they will not be considered in the WinOver calculation.
  9. All rights to utilise players' names and photos for marketing and promotional reasons are reserved by
  10. has the right to modify this promotion's terms and conditions at any moment.